Talenta från Frihamra

Kön Regnummer Färg Född Mankhöjd Övrigt
Sto SE2014206188 Svart 140508 141 cm Såld

Tillbaka till saluhästar

Black 5 gaited mare born 2014. Very nice character. 141 cm in height. Calm and easy in handling. Beautiful expression. Good working spirit. High movements in all gaits with plus for tolt, galopp and pace. Easy to shift between gaits. Knows how to move for the helps, does all gaits in small circles, works in nice form etc. Perfect opportunity to buy a future competition horse in 5 gait or pace race, or a really good breeding mare. The Illingur-offsprings has proven to be great horses to breed on thanks to their flexibility, control, and characters.

Her father is top stallion Illingur frá Tóftum, elite awarded for offsprings and judged to a total of 8.73, with 8.88 for riding abilities. He also came second at Landsmot 2008 in A-flokk.

Her mother is Vilda från Ängdala gård, a mare judged to a total of 8.25, with 8.40 for riding abilities, with 9 for general impression and 8.5 for neck and shoulders, hooves, tolt, trot, gallopp, spirit, short tolt and short gallopp.

No exzema, injuries or previous sickness.

Can be seen and ridden home at Frihamra Gård, 50 km Northeast of Stockholm.
******************************************************************************************************************************************************* Stamtavla
Illingur frá Tóftum
ext. 8.51 rid. 8.88 tot. 8.73
Númi frá Þóroddsstöðum
ext. 8.48 rid. 8.78 tot. 8.66
Svartur frá Unalæk
ext. 8.18 rid. 8.90 tot. 8.54
Glíma frá Laugarvatni
ext. 8.03 rid. 8.27 tot. 8.15
Hrísla frá Laugarvatni
ext. 7.95 rid. 8.17 tot. 8.06
Gáski frá Hofsstöðum
ext. 8.10 rid. 8.53 tot. 8.32
Hera frá Laugarvatni
ext. 8.00 rid. 8.08 tot. 8.04
Vilda från Ängdala Gård
ext. 8.03 rid. 8.40 tot. 8.25
Flipi från Österåker
ext. 8.58 rid. 8.49 tot. 8.52
Hrafn fra Holtsmúla
ext. 8.40 rid. 8.72 tot. 8.56
Von fra Vindheimum
ext. 8.05 rid. 8.65 tot. 8.41
Ísafold fra Kaðalsstöðum 1 Sokki frá Högnastöðum
Snjóka fra Skáney
ext. 7.64 rid. 7.37 tot. 7.5 4-g
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